Please Note: It is £3 Entry here but FREE TO RSVP at If you don’t want to pay £3 here then you can RSVP at above link for FREE. Before you attend this event, we strongly encourage you to go through this “how to go about an app idea” guide: Our Sponsors: Appsjunction Meetup Annual Sponsor: ­­­­  Twitter: @phoenixcoolapps @appsjunction – Offers • […]

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Please Note: It is MANDATORY TO RSVP at TO GET IN, otherwise we may have to say “Sorry! Can’t let you in.” at the DOOR. You can also RSVP at to see more people who are coming. Looking for CTO/Co-founder Or iOS/Android/Web Developers in London and UK? Sponsors: – The only 3 in 1 portal offering App Dev […]

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Please Note: To attend this event you will need to RSVP at otherwise we can’t guarantee your entry. Sponsors: Pollen gives app developers faster access to revenues they’ve already earned from the app stores, by paying out for app store sales within 7 days instead of the usual 30-60 days. These funds can be channelled back into user […]

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Hi Everyone Hope you are having a great day & enjoying the great summer weather. 🙂 Some important tips to help you make best use of our upcoming meetup on 29th Jul. Meetup format: We usually have colored pens for your name labels. e.g. Green for startups, Red for devs/tech so that you can […]

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Dear Appsjunction Meetup Member, Hope you are enjoying a great weekend! Yes you read the title of this post right. 🙂  We have one VIP ticket to app promotion summit which we are giving away for free. Read on. You probably already know that Appsjunction members get 20% discount on ticket price by using code […]

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On the 18.06.2014. the #app community in #London held their breaths for the winners of the App Design Awards 2014 were announced. Some lost, some won, but everyone cheered. The atmosphere was light and cheerful, as the nominees enjoyed cold drinks on a hot summer eve. Lovely, isn’t it? Below is a gallery of photos form […]

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Looking for an online network to connect with App Ecosystem in London and Abroad? Looking for Freelance Developers for your App Projects? Looking for Commission (fee) free Crowd Funding for your App Idea? Logon at – Find co-founders, get crowd funding & connect with rated freelancer App Developers & UX designers. Its totally free to raise funding or […]

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Looking for a Linkedin to connect with App Ecosystem across the World? Looking for Freelance Developers for your App Projects? Looking for crowd funding for your App Idea? Logon at – network with App Ninjas, get funding & connect with rated freelancer App Developers. Checkout this helpful How To Go About An App Idea – Guide. 28th […]

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Please NOTE: Venue this time is – Google Campus Please signup for event here: Looking for Developers/UX Designers/CTO for your App Projects? – download our App from and connect with them. Appsjunction Supported & Sponsored by Microsoft: We’re proud to be supporting Apps Junction London. At Microsoft, we are passionate about driving advances in devices, services & cloud computing, developing […]

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Signup for event here: Looking for Freelancers for your App Projects? – download our App from  Supported By: – We build MVP for Startups, prepare you for investors & help with App Funding & Promotion! We can help with specs & designs. We can help with funding by our Unique “Order Now – […]

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